are like stained-glass windows.
They sparkle and shine
when the sun is out,
but when the darkness sets in,
their true beauty is revealed
only if there is a light
from within.
— Elizabeth Kubler-Ross —

In my early training as a counselor in the 1970’s, I was blessed to know the legendary Dr. Carl Rogers. As the founder of Person-Centered Therapy, he showed me how everyone’s way of “knowing” requires respect and room to grow. Our internal world does make sense and has scores of meaning to us yet we often can’t hear ourselves well.  Through Carl and many outstanding teachers I learned ways of listening and guiding that helps you see how intricate, vital and wise you are. Thus your inner and outer worlds deepen in substance and bring greater fulfillment, ease and joy.

Today when I listen I am always impressed with the courage and resiliency of those who seek to change and grow. Your bravery both inspires and demands that I keep learning and expanding as a person and skilled psychotherapist.*

In psychotherapy my work is to translate your psyche and heart’s dialect.  We team up to explore the paths of your past, present and future.  Our time together evolves into a creative mix of tools, styles and discoveries. And I promise to offer a lighted beacon and sensitive compass when the way gets dark, scary or confusing. 

You will find my style to be interactive as we work together in a partnering, therapeutic relationship.  Our work is comprehensive for we address all dimensions of your life and utilize a wide range of resources and perspectives.  I am focused in helping you define your specific goals and am flexible in ways which best meet your unique needs. And our work together will be confidential as I am not a part of managed care or insurance panels so session notes are private.  

Areas of strength I’ve extensively studied and practiced therapy in are:

life purpose

If you’d like to speak further, have questions or wish to arrange an appointment, please call me at 610.725.9116.

I am truly honored to be that person individuals come to for safety, sustenance and skills. Thank you for that privilege.

*For rewarding psychotherapy it’s crucial to have the right “chemistry” with a therapist. This article may be helpful in making that important decision: Characteristics of Effective Counseling by Lynn Ponton, PhD