Some people
are windows;
bringing light to bear
on the dark corners
where troubles fester.
— Sydney J. Harris


There are times in life when we feel divided from others, our dreams, values, and most definitely ourselves. Though it may feel hidden, still there is wholeness within. We have glimpsed it, longed for it and now and then we’ve felt connected and complete. Yet there are far too few places in life where we are encouraged to be our truest selves. And we end up pushing troubles or confusion into dark corners to keep on “keeping on”.

When I meet someone, personally or professionally, I always look for the spark that ignites their unique wholeness and vitality. Even dimmed by life’s wear and tear I know that spark can light the way home.

Trust in you is what I bring to my work as a counselor, teacher or coach. Together we will revive and cast light on your dark corners. Together we will join what is divided so you can know how spectacular you truly are.

I believe in your wholeness and mine. And it’s an honor and thrill to be in this field as it becomes more integrative and dynamic; blending Psychology, Spirituality, Science, Philosophy, Medicine, and even Physics. Now you, as evolving individuals, can see so much more through the lighted window of your heart, mind and soul.